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Meetings are usually held at Capilano University in N. Vancouver
in the Physics Lab, FIR302

Rolf, Bernd

Usual format (with lots of exceptions) 

  • 6:30pm  Physics lab opens early for casual discussions and to peruse what members have brought. Computers are available for web browsing.
  • 7:30pm  Feature slide presentation followed by3D News and TidBits. 
  • Break - further chance to look at toys, talk with people
  • Second presentation or talk. Projection of stereo samplings brought by members
To have your slides digitally projected at our 3D Club meeting:
  • bring digital images on a USB memory key
  • prefix image names with your name and an order number
    (such as Bernd01_city.jpg, Bernd02_gastown.jpg, Bernd03_Van.jpg …)
  • use jpeg images with extension .jpg formatted as twin side-by-side in  parallel or crosseye view
  • projected size is 1024x768 per left/right view (2048x768 for the twin pair image file). Our projection software (Stereo Slideshow) will scale images to the projected resolution
  • ensure image are carefully aligned (such as use Stereo Photo Maker auto-align feature). Projected stereo images will exaggerate misalignments making them very hard to view

3D Dates

3D TidBits


Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 26st, 2013
   A small group came to the holiday dinner meeting at the Trocadero Restaurant at 2411 Nanaimo St., Vancouver

Meeting of Sep 25th, 2012
A small group of less than a dozen came and watched a digital slides put on at the spur of the moment by Chevalier. This show was a snapshot of Jack Chevalier's man of leisure trip to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia. Also shown was the ISU promo video for the 2013 Congress in Slovenia and a dozen slides by Bernd Simson of Mexico resort (Royal Suites, Grand Palladium, Maya Riviera). 

Meeting of May 3rd, 2012
A small group of 10 people showed up for Gary Cullen presentation  "A selection of shots from over the last year of his vacations, events, and life in general."

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 31st, 2012
   We had a small group of 10 come to our holiday dinner meeting at the Trocadero Restaurant at 2411 Nanaimo St., Vancouver

Meeting of Dec 8, 2011
A dozen people showed up. We started with our first digital slide competition that worked out very well. Peter Lowery then led 3D Tidbits.
Rolf concluded the evening with a projected slideshow with Realist slides of Idaho city tour that was part of ISU/NSA 2007 convention. 

Meeting of Sep 1, 2011
Just under a dozen people came including several new people. There was lots of "toys" (cameras, rigs, viewers, ...) that people brought to view, try out and discuss. We then viewed several videos including Stereo Timelapse, Universe in a coffee cup and Doggycam by Takashi Sekitani and a promo video for Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA run print folios) by David Delouchery.  Bernd then show a selection of slides with members testing out a new remote clicker system for rating the images. The plan is for next meeting to have a competition.

Meeting of Apr 26, 2011
A dozen people came (even with a major Canuck's hockey game playing). We had the Canuck's game on through the Internet while Peter Lowery gave a talk of "3D for Dummies" which included numerous examples of cameras and prints. In the break, people from In-Depth (located on Granville Island) showed examples of their great lenticular work. We then viewed projected digital slides by Gary Cullen of his 2010 trip to Yellowstone National Park as well as pics he captured of Rick Gibson's Feb/2011 lenticular show "Holy Men". This was followed with 3D videos that included the NSA 2011 convention promo as well as a few sampler demo videos. We ended with a quick view of some digital slides by John Asbacher.

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 25, 2011
   Just over a dozen 18 people came to our holiday dinner meeting at the Trocadero Restaurant at 2411 Nanaimo St., Vancouver

Meeting of Oct 26, 2010
We had around 18 come to our 3D meeting at Cap. Digital projected stereo shows included Rolf with Photokina 2010 and the antique camera show at Lichtensteig and Gary with slides from the recent Deja Vu show. Noticed lots of people had W1 and W3 cameras. Bernd had his custom built beamsplitter rig for DSLR cameras. Peter had lots of 3D Tidbits.

Meeting of April 27, 2010
Just over 20 came to discuss 3D and watch these projected stereoscopic shows
    - "Arizona Canyons" by Gary Cullen, stills shot with Fuji W1
    - "Around Vancouver during 2010 Olympics" by Bernd Simson, stills shot with twin 7D DSLR (anaglyph version online here)
    - "Brain Anatomy Dissections" by Dragan Smekal, film stills scanned to digital
    - "A Nude Shoot" by Rolf Eipper, View Master
Peter Lowery brought a large print selection showing some 3D history with anaglyphs and Phantograms. Gary Cullen showed his recent hologram of the first laser made by Ted Maiman. Lots of discussions around many recent stereoscopic news. 

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 26, 2010
   About 18 people came to our holiday dinner meeting at the Trocadero (some coming for the first time). Check out the 3D pictures of the evening on 3DPix. Of special interest, Peter Kaphammel from Vernon brought his twin Hasselblad unit (and by the way, this gorgeous unit is also now for sale).

Meeting of November 24, 2009

We had a very lively meeting. It was amazing seeing the Stereo pictures taken with the two iPhones and the very clever use of a Loreo viewer, and then seeing the same images being projected was just unbelievable.
There was also some great interest in the two Fuji W1 3d cameras that were shown and later some images from Peter's W1 camera were projected. So far Lens & Shutter is the only store in B.C. that sells the camera and the V1 viewer.
Here is a link to a few pictures taken of the evening and as well a link to the Lions football pictures shown by Bernd.
--- review by Rolf ---

Meeting of August 27, 2009

I counted 18 people showing up for an evening packed with projected shows that featured the, yet-to-be-released in North America, Fuji digital stereo camera.

Digital presentations began the evening, starting with Gary showing the new Fuji 3DW1 digital stereo camera with overview comments and a sample slideshow. The Fuji camera was impressive enough that a number of us will be buying it when it is released in Canada (currently only available in Asia). Here are a few pictures of the evening taken by Gary with the new Fuji.

Bernd then presented wide baseline shots (using twin Canon 30D DSLRs) Whistler chairlifts and then of a Canadian’s baseball game and a youth soccer tournament. Mark had a few cha-chas of sci-fi comic pop-ups and action figures. Peter presented a show of shots from around town and Victoria, B.C. using a Pentax Optio S4i with its internal 3D cha-cha function. 

After a break of 3DTidBits, we watched a spectacular digital show on caving, "Extraordinary Lechuguilla" by Peter & Ann Bosted that Rolf brought back from NSA – big very thanks to Peter & Ann for allowing us to present their show at our club meeting! This followed with Rolf’s own analog slides taken at Carlsbad Caverns while on his way to the NSA convention in Mesa, Arizona. And also Dragan with a few analog slides that he took of Prague.

Meeting of April 30, 2009

With about a dozen people attending, presentations began with Bernd Simson demonstrating a workflow of how stereo images can be captured from Google Earth using views from Street, Terrain and Buildings options. Bernd then presented a stereo show of Google earth images along with telephoto images of a building construction. The show images presented can be found here on 3DPix.

Peter Lowrey presented a digital show of a selection of cha-cha images along with an entertaining set of 3D TidBits slides. We also projected some sample digital images from new club members as well as a few old ViewMaster reels. Later in the evening, Rolf had a CD that presented a large selection of very rare Daguerreotype stereo images (historic, 150 year old, risqué images).

At the end of the meeting, I took some stereo images with a tri-delta attachment on a Canon 30D DSLR using a ZigView to assist. You can peruse the pictures in this 3DPix gallery.

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 29, 2009
   Well over 15 people came to our holiday dinner meeting at the Alpen Club  Pictures of the evening are in this 3DPix gallery.

Meeting of Oct 30, 2008
    Couple dozen people showed up with about half being new to 3D. Someone commented at the end that he'd never come away from an evening absorbing so much new information.
    Presentations began with Rick Gibson presenting some of his latest large format lenticular portraits. See his web site for depth-animations views of his work. Bernd Simson previewed his new 3DPix2 web gallery. Bernd also show some slides from the Imax show "Fly Me to the Moon" Ben Clifford projected digital restorations of very old stereo glass slides. We also viewed several reruns of previous digital shows.

Meeting of July 31, 2008
Review never came to be, lost.

Meeting of Apr 24, 2008
Only a few came to view four excellent shows. Rolf began with film slides showing from last summers NSA/ISU Boise trip using a slide projector at Gary just bought for club use. Then John Asbacher presented a digital show of images from his recent Maui, Hawaii trip. Bernd followed with a selection of current digital work including twinning NASA space shuttle photos and twinning views of the human body from Visible Body software. Final show was the NSA2009 convention promo digital show of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 31, 2008
   A dozen people came to our holiday dinner meeting at the Alpen Club  The Vancouver 3D Club is now 10 years old.

Meeting of Nov 29, 2007
Only a few people (less than a dozen) came for what turned out to be an excellent on-the-spur showing of digital slides. Ben Clifford presented a number of digital slides that he scanned and prepped from glass plates taken by his grandfather in the early 1900's. We got to preview John Asbacher digital stereo shots from a kayaking trip by "Broken Group of Islands" that included shots of orcas and humpback whales (John plans to build show from these slides). Lots of tidbits, discussions and misc digital projections filled out the evening.

Meeting of Aug 30, 2007
A couple dozen people came for another jam packed evening of 3D. Major exhibits included Bernd's custom built "Stereo Mirror" (view stereo using LCD monitors), Brian McConnell's stereo print viewer, Rick Gibson's large art lenticular and Peter Lowery's large selection of paraphernalia from Boise07. Evening talks began with Brian McConnell presenting his Boise07 talk "Eye to Image". John Asbacher followed with a talk "Shooting to Presenting" giving detailed insight on how to build dynamic stereo shows with video editing software (detailed info here). Interspersed where both 2D and 3D images from the Boise 2007 NSA/ISU convention. We finished with projecting sampling of 3D digital images that members brought including notably Jack Chevalier with images of his hikes on Mt. St. Helen, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia Canyon. 

Meeting of April 26, 2007
A couple dozen people came for a jam packed evening of 3D. There were many notable items to view including the new 3D World medium format camera brought by Gary Cullen (along with a number of his medium format slides), Rick Gibson's lenticulars and 3DPix products. Presentations began with Bernd Simson digital slide projection of Iberostar resort in Bavaro, Punta Cana. Rick Gibson then gave a talk of his large format lenticular art work with many examples. Peter Lowery led our 3D tidbits section including his find of a Spy Kids lenticular poster. This followed with stereo film slide projections; Dragan Smekal presented a selection from his work followed by a presentation by Rolf Eipper of “Pagodas of Bangkok”. We the viewed a projection of a few historical View Master reels including early Vancouver reels and Kiss rock group reels. The evening’s final presentation was a digital projection of John Asbacher work that renders presentations of photo slides with transitions and sound tracks. John presented “Stanley Park” as well as a repeat of last meeting’s “Desolation Sound Kayaking”

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 25, 2007
   Holiday dinner meeting at the Alpen Club

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