2000/01/02 Meeting and events reviews/pictures

Meeting of Nov 28th, 2002
   Rolf presented "Stone-Goat", a rather gruesome preparation of a goat meal in Mongolia. Also shown where some slides from an SSA folio

Meeting of Aug 29th, 2002
   Slides from NSA2002 convention in Riverside, California and slides from an SSA folio

Meeting of May 30th, 2002

Meeting of Feb 28th, 2002
   Over a dozen people showed up to watch the Barbados slides by Bernd and a selection of slides by Eva and Voitek (stunning results from the Russian Belplasca stereo camera).

Christmas Dinner Meeting of Dec 27th, 2001
   14 people came for dinner at the Alpen Club. Here are some pictures of the event.

Meeting of Oct 25th, 2001
   17 people showed up. Presentations included "Welcome to Riverside NSA 2002", Rolf's trip to ISU2001 in Sydney, Australia. Rolf also showed excerpts from folios being exchanged by mail.

Meeting of Aug 30th, 2001
   - Digital Stereo Projection Demonstration
(Bernd Simson showing best of the web along with images from a twinned digital camera)
   - Southern France Holiday (Gary Cullen)
   - The China Visit (Rolf Eipper)
   - A Trip to Italy (Jaime Clay)
   - Switzerland plus some experimental work (Ernst Schait)

Meeting of June 21st, 2001
About 35 people showed up. Evening was one of the most action pack with at least five stereo slide presentations and numerous hands on items of interest including StereoJet prints now offered locally by Aero Geometrics and digital 3D with twinned digital cameras. Slide shows included presentations by Eva & Voitek (close ups of cactus plants with cameras angled in rather than parallel), Peter Lowery (anaglyphs from using a Q-Dos lens), Steve Brothers (slides of caving in south Australia and Vancouver Island's Horne lake caves), Les Grecki (showing his first stereo slides taken in New Mexico of Anasazi Indian sites of Banlier park and Shacko Culture National Park).

Meeting of Nov 12/00
Half a dozen people came early for using computers in browsing the web for 3D. On-line images, DepthCharge, eGroups, eBay where all areas that where explored.
About 2 dozen showed up for Doran
Osterhold of Cranbrook presentation. Included where slides of Morocco, Spain, Portugal. Also a number of interesting shots using binoculars, time exposures, double exposures and other effects. A notable shot was capturing a bucket of water being thrown into the air.

Meeting of Sep 26/00
Half a dozen people showed up (probably due to our late notice of the meeting). The group was small enough for a round table discussion while passing around viewers with slides. Actually turned out very well and was a very enjoyable evening.

Meeting of May 30/00
About a dozen people showed up. Rolf Presented his stereo slides of his trip to ISU’99 in Germany. Bernd talked about using eGroups for our on-line discussions. We celebrated Rolf’s retirement with cake. The evening was rounded out by David Kite presenting a super-8 movie of “Creature From The Black Lagoon” in 3D anaglyph format.

Eva & Voitek Foik show of Jan29/00  Pictures here
Part of the Burnaby Photo show, Eva & Voitek presented a large screen 3D multimedia slide show. Around 500 people where there for the evening (a large, annual event) that showed some of the very best photography works from lower mainland photographers. The 3D presentation was extremely well received (presented flawlessly) elevating stereo to the realm professional art photography. I found, in comparison to the 2D slides presentations, the 3D photos opened the traditional conservative images (plants, scenic, mountains and so forth) to something that invited new interest and vigor even among the most jaded of viewers. Coupled with being finely composed and balanced, the presentation will be remember as the highlight of the evening.

Meeting of Jan 25/00
Only a dozen people showed up this time (some difference from the previous meeting!). Rolf didn't make it as he was ill so he will be showing the ISU slides next meeting. We began with Gary's excellent showing of his Arizona trip (nice set of slides but he hadn't yet mounted his hyper-stereo views). Eva show a few asking for input as to what might be included in her upcoming show. A special highlight of the evening came with Elee Kraljii Gardiner bringing out some old stereo pairs of her mother, Tenley Albright, winning the '56 Olympics in figure skating. Elee had never yet seen them in 3D!