2003/04 Meeting and events reviews/pictures

Meeting of Oct 28, 2004
   About a dozen people came to see digital projections of Iberostar Mayan Riviera resort in Mexico by Bernd Simson, Burning Man pictures from Harolddd Baize  and repeat showing of James Long stereo conversions. Then we view analog slides that Rolf brought of an overseas folio with slides from UK, NZ, US and Australia.

Meeting of Jul 29th, 2004
   A dozen people came for what was one of our best, most active, fun packed meetings yet. Rick Gibson began with a really great talk of his work in converting old Vancouver stereo views to 10 frame lenticular. Then 3DP news & tidbits which included lenticular finds by Peter Lowery and NSA2004 notes from Rolf and Bernd. We then viewed slide projection of two SSA Alpha folios which allowed our group to spout views of the best slides. Aisha Dennis presented a great selection of her slides. We then moved onto digital projection of James Long stereo conversion of famous artwork (this amazed everyone) and ended with some 2D pictures from NSA2004 (including some of the Phantograms). Of note, on display was a sampling of Rick's lenticulars, Bernd's first Phantograms tests, misc from NSA2004 and selections of stereo cards. As requested, here are some links of interest:

Meeting of April 28th, 2004
   It was a small group that came to see Berndís digital shows. Three shows projected where Barcelo Maya resort, Hawaii Maui resort and Panama cruise. In addition, we reviewed slides from a medium format portfolio that Gary brought. Imax also provided discount coupons to their current 3D shows; "Nascar" and "Misadventures in 3D"..

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 29th, 2004
   A dozen came for dinner at the Alpen Club. Dinner highlights included medium format views from a traveling folio.

Meeting of Oct 30th, 2003
   A small group of 7 came to see Rolf's showing of slides from the ISU-2003 conference in France and from the NSA-2003 conference in South Carolina. In addition there where new and old Viewmaster reels shown. Rolf put on a fine show which gave a great view into a bit of his 3D travels. Peter Lowery showed some special wit as he commented, "A stereo picture is worth 2,000 words". Of additional interest, Igor Kurchavov, Arashan Promotion had a number of his wonderful, fine lenticular prints (lenticulars that he makes himself).

Meeting of July 31st, 2003
   About a dozen showed up. Bernd Simson showed a digital projection of "A day in search of a palm tree photo (Punta Cana, DR)". Also shown were a few selections from 2003D-CD Expo (digital projection) as well as Dragan Smekal with a small selection of his slides. People also enjoyed trying out the selection of inexpensive viewers and viewing aids that where on display.

Meeting of April 24th, 2003
   About a dozen showed to view a number of 3D shows. Gary Cullen showed slides of Tahiti, Bernd Simson showed digital projection of Vancouver views, John Asbacher had a few digital views of forest trees and Rolf Eipper had a number of slides from a traveling portfolio.

Holiday Dinner Meeting of Jan 30th, 2003
   Only a small showing of eight came to dinner at the Vancouver Alpen Club. (we received numerous regrets - guess it just wasn't the right time). Bernd show first results of digitally printed stereo cards of a vacation's beach and palm trees. And a big plus for all that came was a free gift from Pentax of their 3D Viewer.
   Over dinner, it came up that we couldn't remember any stereo 3D jokes. So Peter Lowery, with instant wit, came up with this pearl:  "At our last 3D club meeting, Rolf (our country ISU rep) commented that he speed reads the ISU journal by only looking at the left view pictures."  :-)